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:icongoskykid: GoSkyKid gets the first slot 'cause he's a cool guy! Okay, so maybe I'm biased because I know him personally, but I do greatly enjoy his art and stories. His gallery features a lot of mini-comics and character studies revolving around a quartet of young ladies in a band known as That Band, and sometimes their rivals, This Band. Making occasional guest appearances are characters from an older comic known as "Minor Setbacks" by sideslash, and they are also a quartet of young people!

He also uploads some pretty nifty fanarts of some pretty nifty characters, and I've also found other amazing artists through him.

:iconask-that-band: Ask-That-Band is an ask account featuring the members of That Band. There's a separate "ask" deviation for each of them, and they each have their own folder where you can browse questions that have been given answers.

:iconjoeengland: JoeEngland I forget how I first came across Joe's comic, Zebra Girl, but I've been in love for as long as I've been reading. Metaphorically speaking. My husband would probably take issue if a comic garnered higher romantic interest from me than he does. Buuut I'm getting off-topic. Zebra Girl is about the magical adventures of a fancy, sarcastic demoness gradually becoming less interested in regaining human form and more involved in the supernatural community in her own hometown. She can set people on fire with her mind, too. That's always funny. Joe's dA account contains a variety of content, including commissions, mini-comics, miscellaneous fanarts, and assorted personal works. 

:iconfalingard: falingard is another cool guy! There's no lack of colors in either his gallery or his comic, Flaky Pastry. With characters ranging from chaotic to sycophantic, amoral to hyperreligious, even the personalities he writes are colorful (I feel kinda guilty for saying something so cheesy haha...)! He is also just a wizard when it comes to interesting hair and clothing.

:iconjakerichmond: JakeRichmond Jake's comic Modest Medusa can be found both in his gallery and at its own website. Modest Medusa follows the adventures of a naive young snake girl, accidentally teleported to the human world via toilet, and the humans she comes to live with. She loves Chocodile Twinkies, Pokemon, and Lego (especially the steering wheel ones - they taste best). Through her, her human friends are introduced to a world of magic and wonder... which isn't always a good thing.

:iconzarla: zarla writes hella tons of goofy slashy fanfic mini-comics. Many of them belong to larger continuities, but most of them can also stand on their own just fine as they are. They are doofy and amazing and go read them all. Go. Go go go.

:icontamarinfrog: TamarinFrog is primarily a Pokemon artist. Her main comic is known as Random Doom, and she has done spinoffs of varying lengths featuring the RD cast at various points in their lives. There's also a lot of art related to various Pokemon/roleplaying groups, and assorted non-Pokemon fanarts.

:iconoly-rrr: Oly-RRR is probably one of my favorite comickers, and an all-around swell gal. She's fairly unique, in my experience, in that she has a large cast of disabled characters without reverting to stories that are only about disabilities. She has an excellent grasp of both relationships and sarcasm when it comes to writing, and both her illustration and coloring are unique and amazing.

:noes: I'm sorry, artists whose plugs were short! I can't always brain very well, especially when it comes to reviews, especially especially when it comes to multiple reviews at a time. But you are all awesome :meow:

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