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Emote Family by CassidyPeterson
Free Icon - Clueless Meow by CassidyPeterson
C2.65 INAPPROPRIATE by CassidyPeterson
Static or animated emote icon in your choice of colors. Two colors per emote, up to three emotes per icon.
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Big Brother Tex by CassidyPeterson
Baby Fun n' Games by CassidyPeterson
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Simple-shape pony commissions, made to look like it was put together from pieces of paper. One character per commission. Visual reference required!
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Dora ekZier by CassidyPeterson
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Just to see if anyone out there feels like doing something nice for me this December :B I'll be turning THIRTY this year! :noes: So obviously I need lots of presents to ease the pain of being an old person :lol:

Anyways, here's a short list of things I'd like art of :meow:

Caramel Cocoa
C3.80 COCOA by CassidyPeterson
Caramel Cocoa is my recently-designed ponysona. Her colors are based on Cassikitty, my fursona. She has a short boyish mane and a long girly tail with a yellow stripe, and her ears and hooves are more reddish than the rest of her. She officially has no cutie mark.

Maximum rating: PG

Caraline stamp by CassidyPeterson
Caraline is a kind-hearted and somewhat naive young woman. I like to joke that she's the protagonist of a shoujo manga. She is very innocent and straightforward.

Maximum rating: PG

Luna stamp by CassidyPeterson
Luna is one of my oldest roleplay characters, and I used to go by the name Luna Rhianna before I settled on Cassidy Peterson as my "official" online identity. She's gone through many changes over the years, but her final and official design is that of a feathered lizard. She has a tattoo on her tail and always wears a red, vaguely triangular choker.

Maximum rating: PG13

Also money would be nice too
So, I need five thousand dollars...Hopefully I haven't alarmed anyone too much with the title of this journal! :lol:
This is entirely my fault, but - with the exception of having my wisdom teeth extracted a few years ago - I hadn't been to a dentist in nearly a decade when I moved to Louisiana in 2012. As a result, when I got xrays done earlier this year, I had a great many cavities pointed out to me. The dentist we first went to does not offer full sedation, and with my anxiety, I simply cannot stay awake for the amount of drilling involved in filling that many holes in my skull. We've found a dentist who does offer sedation, but my current insurance plan only covers about $1000 of dental work a year, and the estimate for sedation alone is around $1200.
So what I want to know is, do any of you have any suggestions on how I can earn the sort of money necessary to get my teeth taken care of? I have a few sources I'm sure I can rely on smaller donations from, but I've never run a "real" donation campaig

I am still in need of money for my dental bills. I'm doing small commissions (character headshots, simplified My Little Pony art, and emoticon avatars), but donations would be greatly appreciated as well. If you'd like a commission you can send me a Note or email me at, which is also my PayPal address for those of you who would be kind enough to make small donations.


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