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Scarred Green Bat by CassidyPeterson Scarred Green Bat by CassidyPeterson

Originally meant to be a girl, I disliked and erased the body, and somehow her biology morphed into male during inking. The cheap "shading" was to cover up an error I made inking the left ear. I chose green at random, it's got nothing to do with the character and if I ever draw him again I don't think he'll have any green on him at all.

I have a nasty habit of writing complex stories for characters I have no intention of ever using. Even worse, they're stories that don't even mesh into the worlds I've already got. Our nameless lad here was kidnapped/rescued from his home as a child because he was so pretty. The only thing he remembers about his parents is that they loved him very much and often took his food, because he was pretty enough to beg for more. He spent a few months in a home that was very nice by his standards as a small child, and does not remember how he wound up back on the streets, only that he never went back to the house after a brief hospital stay for some sickness.
Mystical-fire-wolf Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
Aww, he looks so cute.
And interesting story, really mysterious.
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August 23, 2009
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